Granite Repair and Protect & Granite Sealing Services in Mansfield

High-quality Protection, Sealing and Repair of Granite Worktops

For professional granite sealing services that protect your beautiful granite worktops, and repair any cracks and chips to make them look as good as new, choose Mansfield Worktops.

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Granite Repair and Protect & Granite Sealing Services

Even with the most care and attention, even the highest quality granite worktops can unfortunately crack and chip over time. Fortunately we offer professional granite sealing services, that can either protect your new worktop, or repair a worktop that has suffered some damage. Our repairs are all carried out by our expert team, and are almost invisible to the naked eye - leaving your worktop looking as good as new. Unlike some other companies, we provide a full service from start to finish. Our protection services can also be carried out at the same time as our worktop installation services. In the unlikely case that your worktop cannot be repaired, we will offer expert advice on the best replacement process for you. Enhance your kitchen, and protect your investment, with Mansfield Worktops granite protection and repair services.

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Repair and Protect

First, we find the source of the crack or chip to make sure it won’t reappear after the first repair. We then correct the issue, leaving your worktop looking brand new.

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Seal and Protect

Protect your new granite worktops in the long term with our sealing services. The seal has no effect on the final look of the worktop, and adds a layer of protection against everyday wear and tear.

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Mansfield Worktops offers an unrivaled range of beautiful worktops. We specialise in sourcing and installing worktops, as well as protecting and repairing them.



Mansfield Worktops is a friendly family business with nationwide coverage and over 20 years of experience in supplying, repairing and fitting worktops. Our team is always happy to chat with you and help you decide on the perfect worktop material for your space, along with answering any questions you might have. We can help you decide whether a worktop repair will do the job or whether you'll need to replace your worktops from our stunning range for an amazing finishing touch to your home.

We're known for hard work, excellent design, great advice and an honest approach. We'll always give you a free, no-obligation quote so you know exactly what you'll be paying, and if you get a better quote, we’ll guarantee to match it.


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Granite Inspection

Our professional team will come to your home and inspect your worktops to assess the damage, and the extent of the repair needed.

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Free, No-obligation Quote

We’ll provide you with advice on the best type of repair, or sealing, and then supply a free, no-obligation quote.

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Expert Repairs and Protection

Once you’ve accepted our quote, our expert team will carefully carry out any repairs or protective seals, making sure to give your granite worktop the perfect finish.


Have A Question?

A: Every job we do is tailored to suit each individual customer and their needs. Because of
the bespoke nature of our projects, we can’t provide you with prices here on our site, but we will always give you a free, no-obligation quote before we start any work then you know exactly what you will pay.

A: Our protective sealing services (that can be used on a new worktop, or one that has just had a repair) come with a 25 year protection warranty.

A: Where we carry out the repair is dependent on the location and severity of the damage. However, we can carry out repairs without removing the worktop, and will always go with the most simple option for you. Our team will also be sure to not damage any other surfaces or belongings in the process.

We cover the following areas and everywhere in-between:

  • Nottingham
  • Mansfield (obviously)
  • Sheffield
  • Derby
  • Lincoln


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The Mansfield Worktops supply and install option means that most of the time-consuming work is taken out of your hands, we can supply your desired worktop then install it for you.

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Worktops can become damaged overtime, especially in high usage areas. Mansfield Worktops can save you the expense of a new worktop by repairing your existing one.

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Mansfield Worktops offer the full package when it comes to fitting your desired worktop. Not only do we supply and install we can also create a design template to ensure that the finished job is perfect.



Granite Worktops

Granite is a natural, very hard wearing stone that offers the perfect material for any worktop. It will last for decades, is easy to maintain and clean, and less likely to harbour any food-borne pathogens than other materials, making it one of the most hygienic options available.

Quartz Worktops

Like granite, quartz is a naturally-occurring stone mined from the earth. Quartz has a little more flexibility then granite but retains the same strength and durability. There is virtually no maintenance with a quartz worktop. No sealing is required as the material is non-porous, nor does it stain.

Ceramic Worktops

While Ceramic is a very practical material, it’s also available in a wide range of colours and patterns and while it doesn’t have quite the natural look of quartz or granite, it’s very easy to choose a colour and style that will complement your design and give you an excellent finish.

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